Stamp details for Australia SG 21cw

Australia SG 21cw Description and condition for SG21cw:

1d carmine red with Wmk inverted in a bottom marginal block of 4 with COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA MONOGRAM. (LMM)
(Category: Pre King George VI sets and single items)

Price: £300.00


Similar available products

Image Country SG No. Set Description Qty Cond. Price  
Australia 21c, ci, cj   1d carmine red perf 14.5 x 14 comb in a block of 24 consisting of the bottom 4 rows complete with full selvedge. The block contains both the FLAW UNDER NECK & RA JOINED varieties. 24 UMM £450.00
Australia 21   1d carmine red (Die I) in a left marginal block of 12 (Positions 13-18 & 19-24) ten of which are UMM. Very scarce in large multiples. Some minor perf separation. 12 UMM £475.00
Australia 22dM1   4d dull orange in a bottom left corner pair with JBC MONOGRAM.. 2 LMM £300.00
  Australia 147a/9a Is a set 1934 Centenary perf 11.5 in John Ash IMPRINT blocks of 4 two of each block being UMM. Two of the 3d values have the BW 152d FLAG RIGHT OF TOWER variety. 12 LMM £295.00
Australia 112   10/- grey & pink. 1 LMM £310.00

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