British Commonwealth Stamps

Image Country SG No. Set Description Qty Cond. Price  
Cyprus 99   45pi dull purple & ultramarine. 1 LMM £175.00
Cyprus 101   £1 purple & black/red. 1 LMM £925.00
  Malayan States ~ Perak 115   25c dull purple & scarlet 1 UMM £33.00
New Zealand F207   £2 10/- red 1 LMM £295.00
Papua O50   3d black & blue-green in an Ash imprint strip of 3. 3 LMM £200.00

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You have reached the home of British Commonwealth stamps - Purves Philatelics. We sell stamps from all British Commonwealth countries (except Great Britain) dated 1840 to about 1980.


“I was browsing your web site yesterday and today and was impressed to discover that you have on your list more of the items that I am missing from my collection than anyone else - including Stanley Gibbons.”

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