Stamp details for South Africa SG 57b

Description and condition for SG57b:

1 1/2d green & bright gold in a vertical pair, one with BROKEN CHIMNEY AND FAINT HEADGEAR variety. (FU) [SALE ITEM]
(Category: King George VI errors and varieties)

Price: £12.00


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Image Country SG No. Set Description Qty Cond. Price  
  South Africa 57c   1 1/2d green & bright gold with FLAG ON CHIMNEY at right of English stamp. 2 UMM £20.00
  South Africa 130b   3d UPU with LAKE IN EAST AFRICA variety. 2 FU £40.00
South Africa 61b   6d green & vermilion with MOLEHILL FLAW. 2 LMM £100.00
South Africa 99b   1 1/2d red brown with ROULETTE OMITTED. 2 UMM £250.00
  South Africa 117ab   3d blue with FLYING SAUCER variety. An Afrikaans single. 1 FU £10.00

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