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Image Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Aden-Seiyun 12var Is a set 9 FU £12.00
Aden-Shihr & Mukalla 12var 2 Is a set 2 FU £10.00
Ascension 38b var LMM £20.00
Ascension 38 var LMM £40.00
Ascension 38b var2 LMM £20.00
Ascension 38b var FU £30.00
Ascension 38b/38ba Is a set 6 UMM £65.00
Ascension 38b/38ba Is a set 4 LMM £45.00
Image of Ascension 39ba LMM
39ba Ascension 1d black & orange perf 13 with MOUNTAINEER FLAW. - LMM
Ascension 39ba LMM £175.00
Ascension 39d/39d var Is a set 8 UMM £30.00
Image of Ascension 40ba UMM
40ba Ascension 1 1/2d black & vermillion perf 13 with DAVIT FLAW. - UMM
Ascension 40ba UMM £125.00
Image of Ascension 40ea UMM
40ea Ascension 1 1/2d black & carmine perf 14 with DAVIT FLAW. - UMM
Ascension 40ea UMM £300.00
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