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Image Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Image of Ascension 40b/40ba UMM
40b/40ba Ascension 1 1/2d black & vermilion perf 13 in a top left corner block of 10 one of which has the DAVIT FLAW. - UMM
Ascension 40b/40ba 10 UMM £140.00
Image of Australia 230d/230db UMM
230d/230db Australia 1/- grey green in a top right corner block of 18 six of which have the ROLLER FLAW. R1/6 to 6/6. - UMM
Australia 230d/230db 18 UMM £168.75
Image of Australia 237d Var LMM
237d Var Australia 3d grey green in a right marginal block of 4 which is IMPERF AT RIGHT. Only 15 blocks are known to exist. - LMM
Australia 237d Var 4 LMM £187.50
Barbados 262/262a 4 UMM £23.00
Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate 129/129a 4 UMM £10.00
Image of British Guiana/Guyana D2a/D2ac Var UMM
D2a/D2ac Var British Guiana/Guyana 2c black on chalky paper in a bottom right corner block of 4 which has the ST EDWARD'S CROWN variety in the bottom margin. - UMM
British Guiana/Guyana D2a/D2ac Var 4 UMM £50.00
Canada-Newfoundland 257b LMM £14.00
Image of Dominica 129c MM
129c Dominica 14c blue & violet with JA FOR CA in Watermark. - MM
Dominica 129c MM £295.00
Image of Falkland Island Dependencies G2/G2aa UMM
G2/G2aa Falkland Island Dependencies 1d black & violet in a horizontal pair one of which has the EXTRA ISLAND variety. - UMM
Falkland Island Dependencies G2/G2aa 2 UMM £115.00
Image of Grenada 158ba UMM
158ba Grenada 3d black & brown olive perf 12.5 with the COLON FLAW. - UMM
Grenada 158ba UMM £135.00
Sierra Leone 201/201Var 4 UMM £7.50

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