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As we usually source our stock from around the world as part of large collections we occasionally have surplus stock of some items. We are now offering that surplus stock at a reduced price in the list below. These items are exactly as described and are not in anyway inferior in terms of quality and as such represent a bargain to the sharp eyed collector. They are of course only available on a first come first served basis.


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Image Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Ascension 13 LMM was £13.25 £9.94
Ascension 15d LMM was £12.50 £9.38
Australian States ~ Tasmania 232 Is a set 4 UMM was £60.00 £45.00
Australian States ~ Tasmania 232 UMM was £15.00 £11.25
Australia 6 FU was £13.00 £9.75
Australia 8 FU was £27.50 £20.63
Australia 8 G/FU was £20.00 £15.00
Australia 19 FU was £33.00 £24.75
Australia 21c Is a set 4 LMM was £40.00 £30.00
Australia 21c Var2 LMM was £72.00 £54.00
Australia 153 UMM was £45.00 £33.75
Australia 153a Is a set 4 LMM was £35.00 £26.25

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