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Ascension SG 889/93 UMM

2004 Birds. Set of 5.

Queen Elizabeth II sets and single items

£4.00 £2.67

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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Anguilla 788/91 Is a set 4 UMM £4.17
Antigua 869/73+MS874 Is a set 6 UMM £3.50
Antigua 924/7+MS928 Is a set 5 UMM £4.83
Antigua 4259/62+MS4263 Is a set 5 UMM £12.67
Antigua MS2164 2 UMM £5.00
Antigua MS2991 Is a set 2 UMM £4.00
Ascension 889/93 Is a set 5 UMM £2.67
Australian States ~ South Australia O58 UMM £28.00
Australia 363/9 Is a set 28 UMM £16.67
Australia 363/9 Is a set 7 FU £5.17
Australia 363/9 Is a set 8 FU £8.33
Australia 363a 4 UMM £4.33

“Just to acknowledge receipt of the 2 sets of stamps I ordered yesterday, which arrived this morning. That was very good service!”

Mr Chris H, Wales

“Received Ascension & New Zealand stamps this morning. Absolutely superb copies - but then I expected nothing else!”

Mr David J, Newcastle

“Thanks for a great service and quality of stamps.”

Mr Colin L, Folkestone

“Thanks so much for last 2 items. Great!”

Mr John M, Maidstone

“Thank you for the ultra prompt order. I think I'll have to try a holiday!”

Mr Michael M, Yorkshire

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