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Ascension SG 393/6 UMM

1986 Halley's Comet in GUTTER pairs. Set of 8.

Queen Elizabeth II sets and single items

£4.00 £3.20

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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Ascension 249/53 Is a set 10 UMM £3.20
Ascension 254/7 Is a set 8 UMM £4.00
Ascension 258/63 Is a set 12 UMM £4.00
Ascension 314/7 Is a set 8 UMM £4.00
Ascension 359/62 Is a set 8 UMM £4.00
Ascension 363/6 Is a set 8 UMM £3.20
Ascension 393/6 Is a set 8 UMM £3.20
Ascension 409/23 Is a set 30 UMM £14.00
Ascension 550/3 Is a set 8 UMM £5.60
Australian States ~ South Australia O58 UMM £42.00
Australia 11a 2 FU £40.00
Image of Australia 103 UMM
103 Australia 4 1/2d violet in a JOHN ASH IMPRINT block of 4. LMM in gutter and on selvedge only. - UMM
Australia 103 4 UMM £300.00

“Thanks so much for last 2 items. Great!”

Mr John M, Maidstone

“As a new customer I would like to say what a fantastic service for delivery and quality of products. I will be back soon to order. Keep up the good service.”

Mr Colin L, Folkestone

“The stamps are in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your super fast and efficient service.”

Mr See Jam N, Malaysia

“My experience with you was that I was dealing with a professional, and the packaging and prompt execution of the orders verifies this.”

Mr Wilfred B, USA

“My stamp arrived today, thanks, and a fine copy it is too.”

Mr Geoff L, Derby

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