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Ascension SG 282A/96A UMM

1981 Flowers in marginal TRAFFIC LIGHT & GUTTER pairs. Set of 30.

Queen Elizabeth II sets and single items


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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Ascension Is a set 30 £24.00
Australia 2 £71.25
Australia 4 £67.50
Image of Australia 193/5 UMM
193/5 Australia 1937 Foundation in top marginal GUTTER blocks of 4. - UMM
Australia Is a set 12 £110.00
Australia 8 £13.20
Australia 60 £75.00
Image of Bahamas 96/7,9 UMM
96/7,9 Bahamas 1918 War Tax. 1/2d, 1d and 1/- values in top marginal gutter blocks of 8 showing both PLATE plugs 1 and 2. LMM on selvedge only. - UMM
Bahamas Is a set 24 £160.00
Image of Bermuda 11 UMM
11 Bermuda 1/- green in a block of 16 from the centre of the sheet showing both gutters. Some age patches which are visible from the front. However, a very scarce and unusual piece. - UMM
Bermuda 16 £100.00
Bermuda 8 £35.00
Bermuda Is a set 34 £24.50
Bermuda Is a set 12 £18.00
Bermuda Is a set 40 £31.50

“Once again very many thanks for the stamps, ordered yesterday just before 2pm, delivered this morning at 9.30am. As always, great service, great stamps, a collectors dream.”

Mr Phil S, Trowbridge

“Order now received thank you - great stamps and great service as always!”

Mr Colin T, Southampton

“I would like to tell you that I'm very satisfied about the quality of the stamps, the lead time and the convenient manner of transport.”

Mr Hans de N, Netherlands

“Many thanks for the Malaya stamps, the quality is superb, service as usually excellent, thanks again.”

Mr Laurenc S, Bratislava

“Thanks for the stamps, Duncan. Very efficient as usual.”

MR Iain Y, Aberdeen

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