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Ascension SG 254/7 UMM

1979 Rowland Hill in bottom marginal GUTTER pairs.. Set of 8.

Queen Elizabeth II sets and single items

£5.00 £4.00

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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Ascension 249/53 Is a set 10 UMM £3.20
Ascension 254/7 Is a set 8 UMM £4.00
Ascension 258/63 Is a set 12 UMM £4.00
Ascension 314/7 Is a set 8 UMM £4.00
Ascension 359/62 Is a set 8 UMM £4.00
Ascension 363/6 Is a set 8 UMM £3.20
Ascension 393/6 Is a set 8 UMM £3.20
Ascension 409/23 Is a set 30 UMM £14.00
Ascension 550/3 Is a set 8 UMM £5.60
Australian States ~ South Australia O58 UMM £42.00
Australia 11a 2 FU £40.00
Image of Australia 103 UMM
103 Australia 4 1/2d violet in a JOHN ASH IMPRINT block of 4. LMM in gutter and on selvedge only. - UMM
Australia 103 4 UMM £300.00

“Received the packet. Awesome stamps!! Looks like they came from PO yesterday only. Delighted with the service.”

Mr Anirban R, Hyderabad India

“The quality of the stamps you have sent me over the past few months is superb. Thank you also for the fine catalogues.”

Mr Tony G, Essex

“As always, the list is a delight to browse through.”

Mr John M, Headcorn

“Just a brief note to say that I am delighted with my purchase pf the above stamps which arrived today as promised.”

Mr Nigel J, St Helens

“I would like to tell you that I'm very satisfied about the quality of the stamps, the lead time and the convenient manner of transport.”

Mr Hans de N, Netherlands

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