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Ascension SG 199/214 UMM

1976 Birds

Queen Elizabeth II sets and single items


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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Antigua 869/73+MS874 Is a set 6 UMM £5.25
Ascension 199/214 Is a set 16 UMM £6.25
Ascension 889/93 Is a set 5 UMM £4.00
Australian States ~ South Australia O58 UMM £42.00
Australia 363/9 Is a set 8 UMM £9.50
Australia 363/9 Is a set 28 UMM £25.00
Australia 363/9 Is a set 8 LMM £6.00
Australia 363/9 Is a set 8 FU £12.50
Australia 363/9 Is a set 7 FU £7.75
Australia 363a Is a set 4 UMM £6.50
Australia SB124 UMM £12.00
Australia SB124 FU £12.00

“Stamps arrived today - very nice as always. Thank you for the quality stamps you consistently have. Have never been disappointed and, in fact, feel spoiled!”

Mr Peter F, USA

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the great stamps and superlative service.”

Mr Chris P, Rugby

“I really appreciate the quality of your stamps”

MR Peter F, USA

“The Tanganyika SG 60 arrived today. Thank you very much for the great service.”

Mr David G, Australia

“My stamp arrived today, thanks, and a fine copy it is too.”

Mr Geoff L, Derby

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