Purves Philatelics - Customer Feedback


“Thanks to you and your team for some really super customer service on this initial enquiry.”

- Mr Colin S, Gibraltar

“Just received my recent order, which was made late afternoon Monday and delivered lunch time Wednesday, outstanding, as always great stamps.”

- Mr Phil S, Trowbridge

“Just to let you know the stamps arrived safely today. Thank you - great quality as usual.”

- Mr Chris P, Rugby

“Many thanks for your speedy and positive response. It is very good news that all items are available. The quality of service is, indeed, admirable.”

- Mr Richard M, Wales

“In the meantime I want to thank you for your excellent service. I am so pleased that we have been able to establish the relationship which we now have. I am looking forward to developing it further in the near future.”

- Mr Richard M, Wales

“Consignment arrived Saturday afternoon in perfect condition. Thank you.”

- Mr Roger K, St Helens

“Just to let you know the two Bermuda stamps arrived safely today. Super quality as usual. Many thanks.”

- Mr Chris P, Rugby

“All received in good order. Very nice stamps as always!”

- Mr Bruce R, USA

“The Tanganyika SG 60 arrived today. Thank you very much for the great service.”

- Mr David G, Australia

“Pahang QV 14/15 arrived today in perfect order. Thank you for such prompt service.”

- Mr Roger K, St Helens

“Many thanks for great quality and excellent service.”

- Mr Chris P, Rugby

“Received Ascension & New Zealand stamps this morning. Absolutely superb copies - but then I expected nothing else!”

- Mr David J, Newcastle

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the great stamps and superlative service.”

- Mr Chris P, Rugby

“Another nice stamp from you and, as usual, very well packed and very fast delivery.”

- Mr Robert T, Upton St Leonards

“Thanks, Teresa. Prompt and efficient service. Well done.”

- Mr Peter W, Faringdon

“I am delighted with the quality of the stamps that I have received from you. The speed of delivery and the quality of packaging are also excellent.”

- Mr Ken D, Pontefract

“Just received my stamps. Many thanks for a superb service.”

- St.J F, Swindon

“Thank you for the prompt despatch of these received this morning. Very pleased with the quality and condition.”

- Mr Jayme D, Shaftesbury

“Two nice blocks and very well packed. Thank you for a superb first class service.”

- Mr Robert T, Upton St Leonards

“The Kuwait stamp arrived today, quality is superb, many thanks.”

- Mr Laurenc S, Bratislava

“Order arrived today. Much beautiful material as expected.”

- Mr Bob A, Toronto

“Stamps arrived - great condition, very pleased.”

- Dr Ian D, Harpenden

“I will add, that over the years I have been with you, I have found your service absolutely excellent and have no complaints whatsoever. I wish all dealers were the same. It has been a pleasure.”

- Mr Geoffrey G, Cranbrook

“Happy New Year and thanks for your excellent service.”

- Mr J A, Gatehouse of Fleet

“The Montserrat set arrived safely today, the quality is superb, many thanks!”

- Mr Laurenc S, Bratislava

“Thanks for the stamps, they have all arrived safely and are excellent. I will surely be buying from you again.”

- Mr Keith T, Birmingham

“Many thanks for your sending safely received this morning. Superb packing and very fast delivery.”

- Mr Robert T, Upton St Leonards.

“I am writing to thank you for supplying, once again, two very nice adhesives.”

- Mr Ben J, London

“The stamps arrived in perfect order, an excellent quality Malaya set plus three other items. Thanks a lot for the perfect service as always.”

- Mr Laurenc S, Bratislava

“I wanted to confirm receipt of this order and to thank you for the unbelievably quick processing and delivery. I was delighted with all of the stamps - very many thanks!”

- Mr Ben J, London

“I should like to take the opportunity to thank you for your superb customer services over the past years.”

- Mr Geoffrey L, Isle of Wight

“As always an excellent service providing very good material. Thanks once again.”

- Mr Brian N, Bishops Stortford

“Can I take this opportunity of writing to say how very pleased I am with the excellent quality of the stamps you provide.”

- Mr David C, Havant

“Many thanks for the Malaya stamps, the quality is superb, service as usually excellent, thanks again.”

- Mr Laurenc S, Bratislava

“Stamps arrived safely today, an excellent quality set, many thanks!”

- Mr Laurenc S, Bratislava

“My order arrived this morning and thank you for the superb and fast service.”

- Mr Philip H, Herts

“My order of stamps arrived today and are perfect. Thank you for a fast and efficient service.”

- Mr Philip H, Hertfordshire

“As a new customer to your business I am very impressed with the quality and speed of service. I hope to do more business with you in the future.”

- Mr Brian N, Bishops Stortford

“Received the packet. Awesome stamps!! Looks like they came from PO yesterday only. Delighted with the service.”

- Mr Anirban R, Hyderabad India

“Thank you for this magnificent selection, safely received.”

- Mr Christopher B, Winchester

“The stamps arrived in perfect condition as usual. I have a very high regard for your service.”

- Mr Brian S, Peterborough

“Just to say thanks. Received the stamps this morning. Nice selection and great service.”

- Mr Peter R, Northampton

“Thank you for the very fine catalogues you send and the equally high quality stamps you supply.”

- Mr Tony G, Essex

“I am pleased to inform you that the stamps I ordered arrived safely here yesterday. I also want to thank you for the prompt service and excellent quality of the stamps. I am very impressed.”

- Mr Alex M, Malaysia

“Amazing service - nicely packed - superb quality!”

- Mr Robert T, Upton St Leonards

“Many thanks for the lovely stamps received end of last week.”

- Mr Christopher F, Emsworth

“I just wanted to send a few words of thanks, having received this adhesive. I am so pleased with my purchase! Once again you have supplied a top quality item and with incredible fast delivery.

Best Regards”

- Ben J, London

“Thank you very much for your continued excellent service, and assuring you of many more orders in the future.”

- Mr John H, Plymouth

“Thank you again for the super stamps and service.”

- Mr Tony G, Rochford

“Having dealt with you for three months now I am very pleased with the service received and quality of material sent to me.”

- Mr R E E, Dorset

“Just a brief note to say that I am delighted with my purchase pf the above stamps which arrived today as promised.”

- Mr Nigel J, St Helens

“Superb stamps as usual, many thanks.”

- Mr John A, Jersey

“Can I take this opportunity to say that the condition and other qualities of the stamps that I have been purchasing from you over the past 3 years have been consistently excellent, especially fine used. You always have items that fill 'holes' in my collection, some of which have been a source of frustrated searching for years!”

- Mr David C, Havant

“The quality of the stamps you have sent me over the past few months is superb. Thank you also for the fine catalogues.”

- Mr Tony G, Essex

“Thanks for the prompt service. Items well packed, excellent.”

- Mr Phil S, Trowbridge

“It is refreshing to find a dealer who is prepared to sell singles at a reasonable price.”

- Mr Phil S, Trowbridge

“Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order. Arrived yesterday - perfect service.”

- Mr Ted G, Scotland

“The quality of your stamps are without doubt consistently better than any one else I have bought from. I really appreciate the stamps I get from you.”

- Mr Peter F, USA

“Your stamps are fantastic - well up to your usual high standard.”

- Dr Keith E, Crewe

“Many thanks for the St Kitts £1 - a lovely stamp up to your usual standards.”

- Mr Tony V-R, Somerset

“I do like your prompt and courteous service.”

- Mr Hugh B, Dumfries

“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the appearance and design of your email communication and the functionality of your website. Excellent, no less.”

- Ms Anita McC, London

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service which you have provided in recent months”

- Mr R Outram, Ripley

“The stamps are in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your super fast and efficient service.”

- Mr See Jam N, Malaysia

“Thanks for the stamps, Duncan. Very efficient as usual.”

- MR Iain Y, Aberdeen

“Received the package today in perfect condition. Many thanks for the prompt delivery.”

- Mr Abhay T, India

“Your stamps and service are, as always, without compare and I look forward to your next offerings.”

- Mr Stephen H, Colchester

“As always, the list is a delight to browse through.”

- Mr John M, Headcorn

“Above received safely, perfect example, thank you very much”

- Mr Mike B, Edinburgh

“Many thanks for your very fast service.”

- Mr RPW T, Upton St Leonards

“Your stock is extensive and your service superb; I consider you a first-class dealer.”

- Mr Federico V, Italy

“Order received safely this morning, thanks for rapid response. Everything perfect - as usual.”

- Mr Mike B, Edinburgh

“I look forward to your brochure - it's first class. Keep it up.”

- Bill J, London

“Thank you very much for the fast and efficient service”

- NSJ, Malaysia

“I really appreciate the quality of your stamps”

- MR Peter F, USA

“thank you....for a thoroughly first class service during 2011.”

- Mr Mark H, Suffolk

“Thanks for a great service and quality of stamps.”

- Mr Colin L, Folkestone

“Thanks for your excellent service.”

- Mr Doug K, USA

“As always the stamps in the recent orders have been first class.”

- Mr Paul T, New Zealand

“Stamps arrived this morning. Very nice once again - thank you.”

- Mr Peter F, USA

“Many thanks for sending superb stamps.”

- Mr Neil H, Manchester

“Just a note to thank you for the prompt and careful execution of my latest order. The stamps are superb and fill the gaps on my album pages admirably. I hope to do more business with you very soon.”

- Mr Federico V, Italy

“I have been so pleased with the stamps you've provided over the last few years and thank you very much.”

- Mrs Jan B, Axminster

“As usual, the quality is outstanding - matching the speed and efficiency of the service. I don't know how you do it.”

- Mr Alex M, Malaysia

“As a new customer I would like to say what a fantastic service for delivery and quality of products. I will be back soon to order. Keep up the good service.”

- Mr Colin L, Folkestone

“Order received this am. Thanks for the terrific service.”

- Mr Carl M, Australia

“Thanks, much better than suppliers of other albums. Why didn't I see your advert before?”

- Mr David F, Dublin

“Must say one of the best albums I have ever seen”

- Mr David F, Dublin

“Thank you for the package of Falkland Island Dependencies stamps which arrived safely yesterday. Very impressive, as usual.”

- Mr Alex M, Malaysia

“Stamps arrived today. Very nice once again. Thank you very much.”

- Mr Peter F., USA

“Your stock is superb and the service second to none.”

- Mr David L, Lichfield

“Above order received safely, many thanks, highly delighted”

- Mr Mike B, Edinburgh

“Order arrived this morning, needless to say, am highly delighted, beyond expectations.”

- Mr Mike B, Edinburgh

“My order arrived this morning. Thank you for your normal high standards this year.”

- Mr George R, Notts

“Thank you for your excellent service throughout the year.”

- Mr Alan G, Brentwood

“Thanks so much for last 2 items. Great!”

- Mr John M, Maidstone

“Stamps arrived today - very nice as always. Thank you for the quality stamps you consistently have. Have never been disappointed and, in fact, feel spoiled!”

- Mr Peter F, USA

“I am highly satisfied with the stamp which is well centred and looks fresh. Many thanks for your efficient fast and friendly service.”

- Mr Federico V, Italy

“There are always too many good stamps in your price lists.”

- Mr Howard M, Leatherhead

“I would like to tell you that I'm very satisfied about the quality of the stamps, the lead time and the convenient manner of transport.”

- Mr Hans de N, Netherlands

“Many thanks, as always, for your commendably speedy and efficient service.”

- Mr Mark H-M., Suffolk

“I was browsing your web site yesterday and today and was impressed to discover that you have on your list more of the items that I am missing from my collection than anyone else - including Stanley Gibbons.”

- Mr Alex M, Malaysia

“Order received safely. Many thanks. Everything perfect.”

- Mr Michael B, Edinburgh

“Bermuda order arrived today. Lovely stamps. Regards, a very happy customer.”

- Mr Paul T, New Zealand

“I am very impressed with all my past orders - I am so glad I found your web site.”

- Mr Paul T, New Zealand

“My experience with you was that I was dealing with a professional, and the packaging and prompt execution of the orders verifies this.”

- Mr Wilfred B, USA

“Just to acknowledge receipt of the 2 sets of stamps I ordered yesterday, which arrived this morning. That was very good service!”

- Mr Chris H, Wales

“All safely received - very good material.”

- Mr Anthony V-R, Somerset

“Thank you for the ultra prompt order. I think I'll have to try a holiday!”

- Mr Michael M, Yorkshire

“I am very pleased with your service and quality of stamps forwarded to me.”

- Mr Brian D, Southampton

“I have just started placing orders with you and I must say that I am very impressed with your service and quickness in which you despatch orders.”

- Mr Paul T, New Zealand

“I received the stamps today in excellent shape, looks great in the album.”

- Mr Laurenc S, Slovakia

“Thank you for your very prompt response... once again, many thanks for this excellent service.”

- Mr Michael B, Kettering

“My order came today in perfect order. Thank you very much for the excellent service.”

- Mr Laurenc S., Slovakia

“Thank you for sending the two stamps I requested... very promptly. I am very pleased with them.”

- Mr Clive N, Windsor

“You have an excellent stock and highly competitive prices!”

- Mr Oyvind H., Norway

“New order coming this weekend. Your material is wonderful and the catalogues are great as well.”

- Mr David S., USA

“Received this morning your delivery. Thank you very much for your fast service!”

- Mr Carlo B, Netherlands

“Many thanks for the Nyasaland 4/-, a beautiful stamp.”

- Mrs Lillian N, Bromley

“I will be happy to add a few more gems from your ever competitive lists.”

- Mr Gordon M, Finchley

“Stamps arrived today. Very nice. Thank you for the excellent packing. Looking forward to getting more items from you.”

- Mr Peter F, USA

“You are far ahead of the rest of the field.”

- Prof Nigel B, UK

“As per usual your response was speedy and the quality of the items excellent. I have now been placing orders with you for over two years and I would like to express my great apprecaition regarding the consistent high quality of the items you send me. In conclusion, may I also thank you for the patient and courteous manner you have invariably shown me when answering questions related to my collection.”

- Mr Peter B, Stratford

“I'm very happy with your service, Duncan, and the packaging of the stamps was very good as well - it all helps!”

- Dr Chris U, Australia

“I consider you an outstanding dealer and will surely continue to deal with you.”

- Mr Dennis U, USA

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