Stamp details for Nigeria & Territories ~ Lagos SG 23

Description and condition for SG23:

2d grey. (MM)
(Category: Pre King George VI sets and single items)

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Image Country SG No. Set Description Qty Cond. Price  
  Nigeria & Territories ~ Lagos 42a   1/2d on 4d dull mauve & black with SURCHARGE DOUBLE variety. 1 MM £35.00
  Nigeria & Territories ~ Lagos 51   2/6d green & carmine. 1 MM £90.00
  Nigeria & Territories ~ Lagos 40   5/- green & blue. 1 G/FU £50.00
  Nigeria & Territories ~ Lagos 50   1/- green & black 1 UMM £35.00
  Nigeria & Territories ~ Lagos 16   1/- orange with value 16.5mm long. 1 G/FU £30.00

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