Stamp details for Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate SG 125a

Description and condition for SG125a:

1/- grey black & olive green (LMM)
(Category: King George VI sets and single items)

Price: £12.00


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Image Country SG No. Set Description Qty Cond. Price  
  Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate 125   1/- black & brown olive. 1 FU £5.75
  Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate 127a   5/- grey black & deep ultramarine. 1 LMM £36.00
  Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate 115S/7S Is a set 1937 Coronation set perforated SPECIMEN. Light even gum tone. 3 LMM £50.00
Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate 118S/28S Is a set 1938 Definitives perforated SPECIMEN. The 6d value has a few ragged perfs at left. 11 LMM £225.00
  Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate 121   2d chocolate brown in an IMPRINT block of 4. 4 UMM £12.00

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