Image of Nyasaland/Malawi SG 158S/9S LMM British Commonwealth Stamp

Nyasaland/Malawi SG 158S/9S LMM

1946 Victory pair perforated SPECIMEN. Set of 2.

King George VI sets and single items

£100.00 £70.00

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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Antigua 46S LMM £10.80
Antigua 51S MINT £27.00
Antigua 51S GU £14.85
Australian States ~ South Australia O58 UMM £25.20
Australia 45S LMM £59.50
Image of Australia 45S MM
45S Australia £2 black & rose overprimted SPECIMEN. Minute thin. - MM
Australia 45S MM £70.00
Australia 136S/8S Is a set 3 VLMM £39.90
Australia 177S UMM £13.80
Australia 177S LMM £10.50
Australia 224bS/dS Is a set 3 LMM £52.50
Australia 224bS UMM £22.80
Image of Australia 357S/360S LMM
357S/360S Australia 1963-65 Navigators set overprinted SPECIMEN. - LMM
Australia 357S/360S Is a set 4 LMM £135.00

“As always the stamps in the recent orders have been first class.”

Mr Paul T, New Zealand

“Many thanks for the lovely stamps received end of last week.”

Mr Christopher F, Emsworth

“Thank you for sending the two stamps I requested... very promptly. I am very pleased with them.”

Mr Clive N, Windsor

“Having dealt with you for three months now I am very pleased with the service received and quality of material sent to me.”

Mr R E E, Dorset

“I am very pleased with your service and quality of stamps forwarded to me.”

Mr Brian D, Southampton

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