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Image Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Ascension 13 UMM £19.20
Ascension 15 LMM £30.00
Ascension 15d UMM £20.00
Ascension 15d MM £12.00
Ascension 17 VLMM £9.60
Ascension 17 MM £8.40
Ascension 18 UMM £16.80
Ascension 18 UMM £30.00
Ascension 19 MM £42.00
Image of Australia 103/102var2 UMM
103/102var2 Australia 4 1/2d violet Die I in a right marginal horizontal pair one of which (Pos 42) has the RETOUCHED RIGHT VALUE TABLET & NUMERALS variety. The variety is UMM. - UMM
Australia 103/102var2 2 UMM £160.00
Australia 224a 4 UMM £20.00
Australia 224ab LMM £48.00

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