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Antigua SG 1 GU

6d blue green Cut from sheet but with 4 clear margins.

Pre King George VI sets and single items


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Img Country SG No. Set Set Qty Description Cond. Price  
Aden-Seiyun 11 UMM £30.00
Anguilla 449/52+MS 453 Is a set 5 UMM £6.75
Anguilla 502/5+MS 506. Is a set 5 UMM £5.50
Anguilla 507/12+MS513/4 Is a set 8 UMM £12.00
Anguilla 534/42+MS 543 Is a set 10 UMM £9.25
Anguilla 597/604+MS605 Is a set 9 UMM £5.00
Anguilla 636/44+MS645 Is a set 9 UMM £9.50
Anguilla 680/3+MS684. Is a set 5 UMM £8.75
Anguilla 701/4+MS705 Is a set 5 UMM £5.50
Anguilla 706/9+MS710 Is a set 5 UMM £5.50
Anguilla MS586 UMM £5.00
Anguilla MS654 Is a set 2 UMM £5.50

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Mr Paul T, New Zealand

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